Safe Sports (Kingston Youth Flag Football)

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Kingston Youth Flag Football prioritizes safety above all else.

Code of Conduct

All players and parents will conduct themselves with the utmost respect toward opposing team players, coaches, staff, as well as officials. They are held to what would be considered "good sportsmanship" for each practice and game during the season as well as any subsequent tournaments. If any player or parent/guardian (or spectator connected to a player) is found to be in contradiction of this policy, the officials and/or the league holds the right to remove the offending individual from the field of play as well as from the location. Officials hold the sole right to penalize the offending team, up to and including forfeit of the game, for behaviour deemed inappropriate or offensive and the league can remove that player from the team providing no refund.

Rowan's Law

Even though flag football is a non-contact sport, concussions can happen. All coaches and parents are provided with the information about Rowan's law during the registration process. 

Mouth Guards

All athletes must wear a mouth guard while playing flag football.