F.A.Q. (Kingston Youth Flag Football)



What are the ages for play?
We have teams for all children ages 6 to 17.

Is flag football safe to play?
Flag football is a safer alternative to tackle football. Although there are risks in any sport, flag football is a non-contact sport resulting in few injuries.

Why should my child play flag football?
Flag football is loads of fun. With fewer players on the field, there's more engagement and faster speed of play. Games are quick, competitive, and every drive counts. It's the version of football you loved playing in your backyard - why ever stop? Flag football is a fun and accessible non-contact program for all children ages 6 to 17. Backed by NFL with an emphasis on football fundamentals and community involvement, Kingston Youth Flag Football empowers youth athletes.

What kind of time commitment should I expect?
 Practice runs for 1 hour followed immediately by a 45 minute game. Games will run on Saturdays starting at 10:00 a.m. from May 11 to June 22. The schedule will be released after registration closes to let parents know their child's practice and game times. Occasionally, due to a conflict in field bookings, a Sunday will be added to the schedule.

What equipment does my child need to play flag football?
The only thing required to play is a mouth guard. We play on turf, so regular shoes will suffice although cleats are welcome. Some children opt to wear football gloves, but they are optional.

Will my child get a uniform to play?
Yes. We are partnered with NFL Flag. Each athletes will receive a shirt with an NFL team logo. 

How can I volunteer to coach?
We wouldn't be able to run our league without the help of our volunteer coaches. Coaches must submit a criminal record check and complete the online training on Rowan's Law (concussion protocol). You can sign up to volunteer during the registration process.

What if my child wants to play on the same team as their friend?
During the registration process, you will have the opportunity to identify up to 2 friends. We will do our best to place them on the same team.

How do I know which position my child will play?
Flag football allows athletes to try all positions in the game. They play a number of positions throughout the season rather than being slotted into one.

What is the difference between tackle and flag football?
The most notable difference is that contact is not permitted in flag football, so there is no tackling. Players wear flags on their belts and defenders are tasked with removing the flags in order to stop their opponent. If the ball carrier can reach the goal line with both flags intact, they score. In addition, there are fewer players on the field in flag football and the field is shorter. Flag football games are much faster paced without the tackling. There are no kick offs, less stoppage, and less timeouts. There are also rule differences, such as the quarterback cannot run with the ball and diving, screening, blocking, and fumbles aren't allowed - once the ball hits the ground, it's dead. Flag football is safer and injuries are much less likely. 

What is the refund policy?
Refunds will be processed as such:
Before the end of registration (April 26), a refund of 100% will be issued.
After registration closes and before the season begins (April 27 to May 10), a refund of 50% will be issued.
We will not be able to provide a refund once the season has begun as of May 11.

Why should my child play in the Kingston Youth Flag Football league?
Robin Hilton and his wife, Tina, brought youth flag football to Kingston in 2017. 
They built a community and have loved watching it grow. They love seeing families returning each season and appreciate the support. Parents often reported how well-organized the league was, as well as how much fun their child had playing the game. Kingston Youth Flag Football is locally owned and operated and will continue to bring the same great game to the community for years to come.